Team Nashua was a gaming clan formed in 2001 by users "Sonic" and "SM" for players of various online multiplayer PC games, although its primary playerbase came from the 1999 strategy game Populous: the Beginning. Clan members used the suffix tag "_TN" when participating in the Electronic Arts (and later Populous Reincarnated) multiplayer lobby for Populous: the Beginning.

The original Team Nashua website was hosted on the popular community-creation website Avidgamers from 2001 to 2007. It contained a public area and private area for members. The private area contained forums and a variety of other pages. When Avidgamers collapsed in 2007 the Team Nashua website was lost. A new website for the clan was started on a similar website called AcornRack between 2008 and 2009. AcornRack was eventually shuttered; in 2010 it was relaunched and rebranded as Spleafnet Labs and the Team Nashua website was recovered from AcornRack's former server. Spleafnet Labs ceased opeartions around 2011 and Team Nashua was left without a website again.

Although Team Nashua is no longer active, this website was created to continue to provide a web presence for the clan. It is designed to resemble the Team Nashua websites of the 2000s when it was most active. Please reach out and say hello if you remember Team Nashua and wish to reconnect.