Hello to all you Populous Players! Team Nashua has long been one of the major hubs of activity for Populous clans, from the EA to the Populous Reincarnated Matchmaker years. After TN's site was deleted along with all of the Avidgamers network, TN has returned. With a legacy of superior sportsmanship, gaming ability, active forum activity, dedication, and exclusiveness, TN stands out as a fantastic clan.

TN owes its previous long life, as well its current rebirth, to its friendly atmosphere between long time internet freinds. TN is open to young talent ready to be trained and veteran Populous players with a, above all, friendly attitude and willingness to help new players. The Populous community has been growing steadily since the death of the EA server and Team Nashua has been taking complete advantage to recruit new members and grow, so now is a great time to discover the best clan in Populous! If you'd like to join our clan then go ahead and apply on the left (we may let you in if we like you).

We've reverted back to one of our older layouts, to make sure everyone knows TN is back.
If there's anything you guys would like to see out here, leave a message in the forum or send it in as an application if you're not a member.

and Team Nashua